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wherever you want your text to go. Select the text then choose style elements from the toolbar. Click where you want to insert links or images, then use the toolbar to insert those items. Hover over the tool bar icons to see a tooltip about each one.

Insert tables to layout complex content. Click in a table cell, then right click, to add rows/columns.

Experiencing issues with spacing, and text changing formats, or jumping around? Paste external content using the "Insert..." menu, then "Paste Plain Text" to avoid unwanted HTML/CSS code being inserted.

Click the save button bottom left.

Save changes regularly. If you make a mistake, use "undo" icon in toolbar. Or refer to backups button.

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Wisdom School
Tairua, Coromandel
8 - 12 April


5 Day Individually Guided Retreat
14 - 19 July

Calgary, CANADA

Walking Home
17 - 20 September


Webinar Retreat with
Jim Finley

17 - 19 October

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