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The Monastery and the Marketplace

1 - 3 March 2019


The most important word in the title of this retreat is the word ‘and’.  As fewer people are joining the ‘desert mothers and fathers’ of the first few centuries monasteries, more people are keen to find that ‘cave within our hearts’ and a retreat at Kopua Monastery offers that opportunity. Benedict still has much to teach us today as do the many others such as Merton and Finley who spent time as monks.

During this weekend retreat we will engage in contemplative practices to open us up to the fresh wisdom of modern monasticism and to the stillness, silence and spaciousness of the monastic rhythm of the Southern Star Abbey.



Walking Home together - E hoki ngatahi ana ki te wa kainga

1 - 5 August 2019

Each of us has a deep, inner desire to “come home”.  This notion of home draws us away from restless wandering to explore our roots and our branches.  Being Home is like a flower that is neither trying to give anything nor trying to get anything, yet its beauty and its fragrance are freely available; it is simply being itself.  Home is where we too can be our most authentic selves.

This walk goes across cultures and it’s been told as the Hero’s Journey, The Prodigal Son and in the Ox Herding Images to name a few.  Come, walk with the support of others, to the awakened heart that is truly home.

This four-day intimate, residential retreat is for NINE participates and we’ll have group time, time alone, silence, meditation, lectio divina and a short individual session with Pip.


Lectio Divina – Lower Hutt

A time of group lectio divina and stillness.

There is currently a gathering in Lower Hutt on the afternoon of the last Tuesday of the month.



Pip welcomes invitations to offer day, weekend or week long retreats or workshops on contemplative spirituality - free from dogma and containing simple practices that we can incorporate, no matter how full our lives may be.

She can be contacted on:   021 77 1995 or