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Walking the Mystical Path - at home

Contemporary Sages show us the Way

Walking the Mystical Path programme is for those wishing to integrate a contemplative dimension into their lives.   Many of us have looked east, west, north and south to discover what might lie behind the veils of illusion, Merton’s ‘small self’ and the promise of heaven after death.  Fortunately now is one of the best times to be alive because we are a century into a growing community of contemplative sages who have the dual gifts of being both mystics and grand story tellers of their experiences.

While the stories they tell stem from twenty centuries ago, they are imbued with not only a contemplative understanding of the deeper wisdom teachings of Jesus, but are positively influenced by the developing understanding of psychology and neurophysiology.

What these sages have to teach us is learning to see as the mystics see and learning to experience what the mystics’ experience:  Having eyes, do you not see?  And having ears, do you not hear?    

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Lectio Divina – Wellington and Lower Hutt

A time of group lectio divina and stillness

There are currently two groups in Wellington, the afternoon of the last Tuesday of the month in Lower Hutt and the evening of the second Monday of the month in Thorndon.

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More information about Lectio Divina Evenings

  ‘….. and get up again’ workshop

A day exploring the realities of contemplative meditation

When Benedict was asked what a monk did all day he responded “they fall down and get up again, they fall down and get up again, they….”  No doubt we all begin any form of contemplative prayer with great enthusiasm and commitment and before long we realise that we’ve fallen down and frequently just forget how to get up again…

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‘These paths are made for walking…’

Early and present day contemplatives show us how…

During these four retreat days we will explore four early Christian traditions to support deepening our own ‘heart of Christ’.  We will look at each tradition through the eyes of one of their current contemplatives. 

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Each day there will be input, individual and group reflection, stillness and lectio divina.  The days will stand alone as well as build on the other three.

13th April:  Raw, Roar and Rohr with the Franciscans
20th July: Baggage, Beauty and Bourgeault with the Trappists
5th October:   Marrow, Melting and Moore with the laity
23rd November:   Thirst, Tambourines and Tessa with the Carmelites

Read more about each of the days within the programme above.

Two Thomas’ bring us Home

Merton and Keating on where and how

Thomas Merton clearly articulated notions of the false-self and where to find the real Self, the Divine in ourselves.  Since then, Thomas Keating has clearly articulated how to heal the small-self so that the true Self is experienced within.

This experiential two day retreat is an opportunity to learn from these two contemporary mystics and to make their wisdom relevant to our own ‘Fourth and Walnut Streets’.  We will do this with input on who they were and what they thought, experience practices that they did, do lectio divina with their writings, individual reflection on relevance for us today and group discussion.

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Experiencing the Contemplative Way

Retreat in daily life

This will be similar to a week of guided prayer except the prayer practice will be meditation or prayer of silence.  Participants will commit themselves to meditate for 30 minutes each day and then meet with a spiritual director at the beginning and the end of the week to reflect on their experiences. All participants will begin by meeting together on the Sunday afternoon, Wednesday evening and it will conclude by meeting again on the Friday evening.

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Faith - Auckland

Trusting our own deepest experience

This retreat is an opportunity to explore faith as a sanctuary that can be nurtured in each of us like a balm on our deepest wounds.  Rather than faith requiring our blind adherence to a set of beliefs, we will look at faith as in indwelling recipe for cultivating openness, our own YES to life and the peace that wisdom brings.

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Six Day Live-in  - Individually Guided Retreat

This retreat is an opportunity for those who would like a week of personal spiritual deepening with an experienced spiritual companion.Take the time, greater ease, gentle silence to draw back towards who you really are and this may allow you to  re-member, experience and express your own authentic way of being and response towards life.

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Hello Spring! - Auckland

With the Wisdom and Whim of Michael Leunig

Poets have always been prophets and Michael Leunig, poet, cartoonist, philosopher and artist hits home quicker than most with his whimsical poems and cartoons.  In this evening we will travel through the spring season of the soul and look at the seeds of hope within. 

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Introduction to Centering Prayer Workshop

A day exploring a form of contemplative meditation

Centering Prayer is a form of Meditation in the Christian contemplative tradition that guides the heart, mind and soul to deepen towards the Sacred. Through silence and an inner gesture of letting go, we learn to experience God beyond words, emotions and thoughts, and to release our attachment to our ‘small self’ as Thomas Merton named it.

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Through Ageing to Sageing - Wellington

Spirituality for an emerging vision of growing older…

The Through Ageing to Sageing programme uses Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi’s definition of sageing, “…. a process of approaching ageing as a positive journey filled with wisdom, learning and spirituality. It affirms the importance of the elder years and teaches how to reap life’s wisdom”.  I would add ‘continuing to be transformed, living with greater understanding and compassion and leaving a legacy of ‘all of who we are’.

Our spiritual capacities and gifts naturally flower as we grow older, and yet there aren’t always coherent opportunities for these to be formed, explored, celebrated and embodied.  This day offers opportunities to more specifically reflect on what sageing means, or could mean for you.

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