the gentle art of knowing offers opportunities to support people deepen their understanding of themselves so they live a more awakened life and grow in greater ease, appreciation and compassion for themselves, others and the world.


Many of us will have lived or holidayed in a house where the water was sourced from rain on the roof spilling into a tank sitting ‘attractively’ to one side.  If you were lucky there may have been a couple of tanks so that you never ran out of water during a dry summer! 

Conscientious folk would let the tank run dry every five years or thereabouts so they could get in and wash all the gunk out before the tank refilled when the rains returned.

I’m having a sabbatical this year.  It feels just like washing out the water tank (and to be honest, it’s been ten years since the ‘tank’ was last cleaned).

This means that I’ll be offering fewer retreats, having more personal retreat and play time before knowing the way ahead in 2020.

I will still be offering spiritual companioning, a retreat at Kopua in March, a retreat in Auckland in August and a couple of practice days in Wellington in response to Cynthia Bourgeault’s visit in 2018.  My friend and colleague Agnes Hermans will be offering the Walking the Mystical Path programme – she can be contacted on


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