the gentle art of knowing offers opportunities to support people deepen their understanding of themselves so they live a more awakened life and grow in greater ease, appreciation and compassion for themselves, others and the world.


There is a chant ‘Slowly blooms the rose within’ that reminds me to be both patient and that it’s not about ‘me’.

Within us all there is a ‘rose’ of awareness, always was, always will be…  no doubt we’ve all chased  false idols looking for this rose, I certainly have…   it’s a game the ego loves and will keep us playing as long as we believe we’ve got anything to do with finding the ‘rose’ in the first place…  Last year I had a sabbatical – time out from looking for the rose…   I highly recommend it!  It’s tiring chasing our tails, chasing our false idols. 

Yesterday I held the hand of a man as he was dying.  This afternoon I held the hand of a six day old baby.  Both opened my heart to breaking point… and so I had a cup of tea... 

Spiritual Companioning is very much like having a cup of tea, or whatever our favourite drink is, with another and sharing with them what matters the most or what we sense we are being drawn towards…  and always trusting that ‘blooming’ happens… it does, it does…

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Tairua, Coromandel
8 - 12 April


5 Day Individually Guided Retreat
14 - 19 July

Calgary, CANADA

Walking Home
17 - 20 September


Webinar Retreat with
Jim Finley

17 - 19 October

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