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One morning this past week I woke up after dreaming I was in a two person play and I hadn't learnt my lines.  The audience was ready after being warmed up by an acapella group.

I was standing in the wings and the curtain was about to go up.  The other actor knew her lines and I was frantically trying to locate my copy of the script.  As someone handed one to me, I tried to convince the director and other actor that 'opening night' would be even more successful if we did it as a read through, as if that was a ‘unique feature’ of the production of the play!!!

Fortunately I woke up before I heard what their response was and I was feeling so relieved.  Then my morning 'figure out mind' tried to devise a plan so that that experience never happened to me in real life...

Then I woke at a deeper level out of that day dream and laughed at how so much like life that dream/nightmare was.

We can spend so much energy looking for a script or even the script.  We adopt roles depending on where we come in the family, what generation we are, what work we may or may not do, what responsibilities or talents we have and generally acting out in ways that we hope will entertain and please an audience of goodness knows who.

In fact, wise ones of all traditions and none, show us that there is NO SCRIPT!  There is no entertaining to do, there is no audience to please – there is only waking up and living our life, facing what we have to face, and as hard or easy as this may sound, we can’t fluff our lines…                   

Now up goes the curtain!


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