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Walking the Mystical Path

A Contemplative programme from home - March to November

Contemporary Sages show us the Way

Walking the Mystical Path is an ‘at home’ programme for those wishing to integrate a contemplative dimension into their lives.   Many of us have looked east, west, north and south to discover what might lie behind the veils of illusion, Thomas Merton’s ‘small self’ and the revised capacity of ‘heaven before death’.  Fortunately now is one of the best times to be alive because we are a century into a growing community of mystics who have the dual gifts of being both contemplatives and grand story tellers of their experiences.

While the stories they tell stem from many centuries ago, they are imbued with not only a contemplative understanding of the deeper wisdom teachings, but are positively influenced by the developing understanding of psychology and neurophysiology.

What these teachers have to say to us is learning to see as the mystics see and learning to experience what the mystics’ experience:  Having eyes, do you not see?  And having ears, do you not hear? 

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Benedict at the Bazaar

16th – 18th March


It’s never a good idea to throw out the baby with the bathwater!  It’s also a very helpful idea to ’replenish the bathwater’ once a year on retreat.  The founder of monasticism, Benedict had much to teach the folks who came to join him in the fifth century and he still does today to the myriad of us who are seeking the ‘monastery within our hearts’.

During this retreat we will engage in contemplative practices to open us up to the fresh wisdom of Benedict and to the stillness, silence and spaciousness of the monastic rhythm of the Abbey.

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Wisdom needs no Scapegoat

30th June & 9th September

In the western religious tradition, the body has frequently been made a scapegoat for the sense of separation and alienation.  At times within all contemplative traditions, East and West the thinking mind has been made a scapegoat from which isolation and control arises.

Waking up requires a turning towards and healing these inner divisions.  The first retreat day in June will explore this in regards to the body and our feeling selves - the second day in September will explore this healing in terms of our intellectual and thinking selves.  Each retreat day will stand alone and will naturally flow on to the other day as well.

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Like an Apple to the Tree - residential four day retreat

30th June – 4th July

To feel connected has many layers and after a one or two day retreat, it can seem as if we’re only just beginning to explore them.  So, in these FOUR days we’ll gently peel back the layers of resistance so we can be connected ‘heart to heart’.  We will do this through group time, time alone, silence, meditation, lectio divina and a short individual session with Pip.

This intimate retreat is for NINE participants and an existing practise of meditation, Centering prayer or prayer of silence would be helpful but not essential

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Individually guided six day silent live-in Retreat

9th – 15th September

Go into your room in silence and pray to your God in secret’.  These six days are an opportunity for people seeking a silent retreat with daily input from an experienced Spiritual Companion.   It is an opportunity to stand back and ‘see the woods for the trees’, to experience who you truly are when some intentional spaciousness is sought.   The retreat will be limited to five people.

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Lectio Divina – Lower Hutt

A time of group lectio divina and stillness

There is currently a gathering in Lower Hutt on the afternoon of the last Tuesday of the month.

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Out of Silence came the Word
that Word is expressed as ‘our’ Inner Aliveness

19th – 20th May

Yes, inthe beginning was the Word’ and the beginning that John was referring to was Silence and the poet Rumi wrote that silence was Gods first language.  Today physicists tell us that out of formlessness comes all form (energy)...  So what is this Silence, this formlessness and how do we open to it?  This Silence expresses itself as an Inner Aliveness  of compassionate love for the world…  To have stillness without movement is an oxymoron.  During the retreat we will look at ways of glimpsing silence and then harnessing its fruits to express our Word, our uniqueness and our authenticity for both enjoyment and for the relief of dis-ease in our neighbourhoods and towns.  We’ll move from spiritual practice to spiritual practical – knowing that it is both/and.

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Pip welcomes invitations to offer day, weekend or week long retreats or workshops on contemplative spirituality - free from dogma and containing simple practices that we can incorporate, no matter how full our lives may be.

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