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Quakes of the earth and human kind have been evident through much of the last 12 months.   In these ‘shaky Isles’ of New Zealand we all know the drill of ‘drop, cover and hold’ when a quake rolls through the very ground beneath our feet.  A slight variation on this drill may be apt when a personal tremor rolls through the very same ground.

When we’re shaken wouldn’t it be helpful to drop within ourselves and touch the stable ground of our own deep knowing.    Some call this place the ‘realm of spacious compassion’, others call it the ‘cave of the heart’, some the ‘kingdom’, others call it ‘emptiness’ – what we call it is immaterial, what is important is to re-member how to find it and to live from there. 

In doing so, we un-cover an awareness that allows and accepts all that is - as it is.  An awareness that isn’t concerned with holding the remote control and pointing it in every direction of our lives.  

This un-covering opens us to an intuitive knowing whereby we hold and trust ourselves to respond to tremors in the immediacy of the moment. 

Now, a drill is only theory unless we practice it on a frequent basis, so that when a quake strikes, we’ll respond by what we’ve embodied not by a theory we’re struggling to re-member. 

“Be prepared” is still good advice and most of us living on the Pacific Rim have an evacuation kit nearby with a few days’ supply of water, food and toiletries.   Equally we can pack a kit that supports us to live the paradox at the heart of being human.  Like planet earth, we are matter and energy – form and formlessness.  Like planet earth we experience seismic activity that cracks open the crust surrounding ourselves to reveal a unifying molten and moulding core.   

Many people, so many people have helped me pack my kit.  It’s getting down to the barest essentials and its lighter which is good, as I don’t know how long I’ll have to carry it.

Drop, un-cover, hold…


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