Hopefully we've all blown on a dandelion to make a wish....setting the seeds free.

the gentle art of knowing offers opportunities for
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    retreats and sabbaticals 
any activity that supports people to deepen their understanding of themselves and their place in the world.

We use this support and strength to live more fully and to
grow in greater ease, appreciation and compassion.


Each spring a tāringi (starling) readies a nesting box just above our clothes line – an exercise in trust as to whether I’ll get through the season without having to re-wash and whether her eggs will hatch…

I wonder after nine years if it’s the same tāringi – and it’s the same dance.  I see her, and perhaps him (with starlings’ it’s hard to tell) winging in bits of cushioning to make the nesting box comfortable and my heart breaks open at the universality of what I am witnessing…

At the same time, I’ve been kaitiaki (guardian) to Banjo Patterson – a 15 year old now quite blind and deaf, Australian Terrier.  He’s still, in good moments when food or a walk is imminent, full of the joys of spring.  Mostly he sleeps under my desk and his wee snore or sniffle is a great comfort – at least he’s still breathing.  However, at night, he can wake once or up to five times and needs to be carried downstairs whatever the weather to toilet or chew grass to settle his tummy…  Again my heart breaks open at the universality of responding to the needs of one we love…

The act of watching the tāringi and her fledglings (only one in the spring of 2014) is a gentle one that naturally melts me….  The anticipation of whether it will be once, twice or not at all – which it is occasionally – with Banjo is an opportunity for me to be gentle with both he and myself, for naturally I don’t take easily to being woken …

And this is what we’re invited to do by every happening, to ‘wake up’ within everyday delights and difficulties and just be ‘present’.  The ‘naked now’ of Richard Rohr, the ‘power of now’ of Eckhart Tolle, the ‘silent desert’ of Meister Eckhart…

In 2015 the Gentle Art of Knowing is offering the events here on the website and is available to respond to requests for contemplative retreats, workshops and spiritual companioning anywhere - in person or by skype…


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